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Junior Cert Exam and Leaving Cert Exam Papers and Solutions

At IEC we aim to provide all Junior Cert exam papers and Leaving Cert exam papers, Junior Cert solutions and Leaving Cert solutions, Junior Cert marking schemes and Leaving Cert marking schemes in particular with a view to sitting the Leaving Cert 2014 and Junior Cert 2014.

Junior Cert Exam and Leaving Cert Exam Timetable

In addition we will include the Junior Cert 2013 Timetable and Leaving Cert 2014 timetable for 2014 examinations when they become available.

Grinds, Tutors and Tuition for Leaving Cert and Junior Cert

We have included a grinds database for leaving cert and junior cert subjects. If you are a tutor and offer tuition in technical areas including, for example, project maths grinds, maths grinds, physics grinds, science grinds; grinds in languages such as spanish grinds, french grinds, english grinds, irish grinds;  grinds in business related subjects such as accountancy grinds, business grinds any other leaving cert or junior cert subject the use of the IEC grinds database is free to all users. In addition to posting grinds and tuition in various leaving cert and junior cert subjects the grinds database may also be used to advertise summer courses, and courses provided for repeat leaving cert students.

Leaving Cert Point Calculator

IEC has added a CAO points calculator to aid secondary school students in calculating leaving cert points required for entry into universities (for example tcd, ucd, dcu and maynooth), technical colleges, and other third level education providers across all counties of Ireland. The calculator is has been updated to reflect the recent bonus points offered for leaving cert honours maths students.

Project Maths Forum…coming soon

Planned for introduction in 2014, the IEC project maths forum will focus on project maths questions, project maths solutions and the project maths 2014 exam.